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Great Wall provides customers high-quality OEM services.
"Customers first" is our diligently pursuing goal.
Our service is not only reflected in the excellent quality, bur also in after-sales service and tireless support.All of our products can be OEM products.
OEM products mainly include: stapler, punch, staple remover and a set of office supplies, etc. For specific and detailed information, please contact us.

Companies OEM Flow:

NO1. OEM services:
OEM strictly following the procedure:

Before processing
New product design / development
Sampling management
Customer Service Management
Product engineering specifications change
Packaging confirmed

Product model confirmed
Customer Acceptance
Delivery control procedures

INO2. tem
1. Availability
2. Product Design / Development
3. Semi-processed and processed products
4. Raw materials, programs, packaging, building technology advisory
5. Semi-finished and finished products testing, packaging of Acceptance

NO3. Processing characteristics:
1. Practicality
2. Efficiency
3. High-quality

We established a service system that help customers save time-to-market, and lessen customers' worry about product quality, production organization, process research, or many other things.

Contact us if you have any question:
Mr: Peter Wang Ms: Celia Xi
Tel:(86-576)82328920 Tel:(86-576)82328920
Fax: (86-576)82328912
Fax: (86-576)82328912
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